Journey Church



We gather on Sunday morning to worship God. We gather at other times during the month to live life together. That's the opportunity to share a meal and talk about what's going in our lives. We share and discuss a particular passage from God's Word and have a time of prayer together for specific requests.


"Enoch walked with God" (Genesis 5:21) was the passage that inspired our men to meet together. Our aim is for the men to gather in fellowship and to study God’s Word on how to live Godly lives in our ungodly times.


Women teaching women, as described in Titus 2:3-5, was the inspiration behind the formation of our women\'s group. Our aim is for the women is to have a time to share with each other, to learn from each other's experiences, to encourage and support each other, and to look at God's Word for study, inspiration, and guidance.